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Holy Peperoni - "Holy is Jesus and spicy is the sound."

Starting with the acoustic solo project "Major Minus" singer and guitarist "Pepper Rick" tried to create spicy sound.
Which succeeded, only the certain spice and taste was missing with this mixture. 
So he looked for three other varieties. He found the deep chili, a loud spiced salt mixture and the perfect mixer. Jesus provides the perfect consistency. 
The mix was named "Holy Peperoni" and eleven spicy punk rock songs were created, which were released in March 2022 under the name "Habanero".


Anker 1

Band members:

Guitar/Vocals: "Pepper Rick" Patrick Kopetzky

Bass/Vocals: "Pepper Didi" Dietmar Giesinger
Drums: "Salty" David Salzgeber

Audio/Soundguy: "Pepper Domeroni" Dominik Walser

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